Where to eat

Trattorie Restaurants Pizzerie Bàcari
In Venice before the dinner hour but above all before lunch it’ s usual “andar par ostarie” which means walking around the city coming around to the typical Venetian taverns to drink a glass of wine and “cichettare” (cicheto is a little taste of typical Venetian dishes) some first fruits of the season.
In Venice, then we have plenty of restaurants and pizzerias to suit all budgets and all tastes. For some years now in fact, next to restaurants with Venetian specialties have joined numerous other restaurants such as Chinese, Jewish, Indian, etc..
There is to be chosen so that according to the tastes of everyone, of course getting in Venice for the first time and dine at an Indian restaurant in our opinion is not the right choice, given the variety of dishes that offers the delicious venetian cuisine.

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