Venice is unique. It would be too good understand the city in two or three days, but we try with this portal to give you as it’s called here a “cicheto” (tasting) of this beautiful island. You’ll find the best tourist itineraries that will take you to visit the beautiful St. Mark’s Square with its Basilica, the Rialto market and again the main venetian traditional events such as the Redentore, the Madonna della Salute and the colorful Carnival, then you’ll find a bit of history of the Serenissima Republic of Venice and again the best places to eat and where to stay, how to get to Venice, and the advices that only Venetians as we can give you.

How to get here

come-arrivareVenice for the noob is an island where cars can not run. In Venice we move on foot or by boat at last (public and private). The only link with the rest of the world is a bridge called the Bridge of Freedom along approximately 7 km.

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itinerariHere is a selection of the best and unusual itineraries to discover the true heart of Venice. Hence the routes depending on the time of stay of your stay in Venice …

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Venice Carnival

DSC_6114The Carnival of Venice is one of the oldest and most characteristic of the whole world, dating back to the tenth century. At that time Venice was already one of the most feared power in the Mediterranean.

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Where to eat

dove-mangiareIn Venice before the dinner hour but above all before lunch it’ s usual “andar par ostarie” which means walking around the city coming around to the typical Venetian taverns to drink a glass of wine and “cichettare” (cicheto is a little taste of typical Venetian dishes) some first fruits of the season.

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